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The PhD journey is full of fascinating challenges to help you develop the necessary academia skills. However, it also has many complexities which are difficult to overcome on your own. It is why one must develop a network of support to encourage oneself as well as others. Here is when PhD Events comes to your rescue.

PhD Events, a Unit of Element K, allows you to create PhD related events as well as find them. We aim to bring together doctoral students from all over to sit over a cup of coffee and unwind by sharing their problems with each other.

With so many educational events being made all over the world, it’s easy missing the one which suits your requirements. You can specifically search for a PhD event here with the help of our filters. You can also find here events held by experts, who give useful insights for successful completion of PhD.

You can avail the following benefits here:

  • There is no membership fee involved.
  • There is no registration process.
  • Events can be made for any country.

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